Together with the Gallus Zentrum we are establishing a place of encounter more

The last day of LICHTER 2016 has started. These are the highlights: We are looking forward to our grand award ceremony prior to the screening of this year´s closing movie Jonathan. more

Piotr J. Lewandowski’s sensitive coming-of-age drama has already received both the “Hessischer Filmpreis” as well as the “Emdener Filmpreis” for best screenplay. The impressive images originate, among others, in Birkenau-Reisen and Erbach-Haisterbach, Hesse. more

Detached from the tragic end and the superiority of her memory, Raymond Ley avoids the pitfalls of pathos and supplements his dense production with interviews with the last living contemporary witnesses. more

Walking Distance is an urban fairytale about the burdensome journey of a gentle giant out of his prison of self-imposed solitude – in tranquil images with an affectionate look and gentle humor. more

The artist and filmmaker James N. Kienitz Wilkins has been awarded the LICHTER Art Award 2016 for his film “B-ROLL with Andre”. more

We proudly present: The first highlights of our this year´s program! more

With great pleasure we pronounce our ticket pre-sale for this year`s film programm open. more

A unique record of our time, which sets impressively the stories and faces of the refugees again. // A Hessian Premiere from our internationale Programme. more

We will open the LICHTER Filmfest 2016 with the screening and world premiere of Sung-Hyung Cho´s new documentation “Meine Brüder und Schwestern im Norden. more

A dystopian fable about love, loneliness, and the overcoming of conventions from director Yorgos Lanthimos more

Besides the regional awards there will be also a competition for our international programme. More infos here more

Find all information about our the Jurys 2016 more

We proudly present: The official LICHTER Trailer 2016 more

Find an overview of our “Debates and Lectures” 2016. more

Together with the Gallus Zentrum we are establishing a place of encounter more

Have a closer look on the 5 finalists of this year´s LICHTER Award! more

We proudly announce our new patron for the festival 2016. more

We proudly present: The new festival lounge 2016. more

In 2016, the LICHTER Filmfest will focus on frontiers, a much discussed and elementary mechanism. more

Have a look on our past programme of 2015. more

LICHTER Film Festival Frankfurt International is the programmatic title of the Frankfurt Film Festival, which has its roots in the local film industry and presents its achievements on a grand scale. It features films from around the world as well and thus represents the growing internationalism of the region and the great diversity found in world cinema today. more