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In a world...

(Feature Film, USA 2013), english OV, 93 min.Director: Lake Bell
Actors: Lake Bell, Fred Melamed, Demetri Martin, Ken Marino
Director of Photography: Seamus Tierney
Production: Lake Bell
Screenplay: Lake Bell

Carol works as a vocal coach and occasionally lends her voice also to commercials or movie trailers. The big break through, however, remains elusive. Usually, she finds it hard to compete against her male colleagues. Contrary to expectations, she suddenly finds herself in the selection as a trailer voice for a substantial trilogy. The other candidates are the big stars of the industry, her father Sam and his protégé Gustav. Despite that, Carol is facing the battle – against pride, sexism and prejudice. She could achieve a lot and shape the understanding of an entire generation. Lake Bell shines in this comedy, for which she was awarded the 2013 Sundance Screenplay Award. IN A WORLD … questions, in addition to gender stereotypes, also family and social structures and entertains through everyday, interpersonal chaos.

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Kategorie: Internationales Programm Humor
Show: Sunday, 30. March 2014, 08:00 p.m., Metropolis 3