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German Premiere


(Documentary, UK 2012), Original English Version, 94 min.Director: Andrew Koetting
Director of Photography: Nick Gordon Smith
Screenplay: Iain Sinclair
Editor: Cliff West

“Swandown” is the documentation of an unusual journey with Olympian traits. Two men sail on a plastic swan from Hastings, which lies on the south coast of England to London. During this journey, director Andrew Koetting and screenwriter Iain Sinclair cross rivers, canals and the open sea. On their spectacular trip they have all sorts of chance encounters with people who are amused by the trio, are surprised, or even pass derogatory comments about this voyage. In addition, guests like the comic artist Alan Moore and comedian Stewart Lee occasionally accompany them. Together they experience the adversity of their environment. With references to Werner Herzog’s “Fitzcarraldo” and Les Blank’s “Burden of Dreams”, as well as Dada-esque echoes, “Swandown” creates an absurd odyssey that, due to the picturesque English countryside, convinces the viewer with its impressive motifs.

The director Andrew Kötting will be present.

Tickets via Deutsches Filmmuseum

Kategorie: Internationales Programm Humor
Show: Friday, 28. March 2014, 08:00 p.m., Filmmuseum