Louisiana - The Other Side

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Hessian Premiere

Kategorie: Internationaler Wettbewerb Grenzen
Show: Friday, 01. April 2016, 20:30 p.m., Filmmuseum

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(Documentary, FR/IT 2015), Engl. OV, 92 min.Director: Roberto Minervini
Actors: Mark Kelly, Lisa Allen, James Lee Miller
Director of Photography: Diego Romero Suarez-Llanos
Production: Muriel Meynard, Paolo Benzi, Dario Zonta
Editor: Marie-Hélène Dozo

Deep in the wasteland of the American South, in the state of Louisiana, director Roberto Minervini opens up a door for us that leads into the abyss of today’s America: To white trash, the lost white underclass of American society. For them, the American Dream will remain a fantasy. Shaped by a life between anarchy and illegality, most of these hopeless middle-aged men and women do not have much left except for drugs, alcohol and at worst suicide. They live their everyday racism and anti-regime fanaticism without inhibitions. They feel betrayed by American society. Their alienation and disappointment becomes obvious in their campaign slogan: “Make America Great Again” The Other Side provides disturbingly deep and blunt insights into the everyday life of a society that has given up on itself.

After the successful world premiere at the Festival de Cannes 2015 in the category “Un Certain Regard,” the film is now shown in Hesse for the first time.

“A soul-draining, feature-length look at the bastard stepchildren of the American Dream“ (Variety)

“A poetic but hermetic journey into a debauched and dangerous Deep South“ (The Hollywood Reporter)

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