LICHTER Art Award 2016 // The Finalists

The LICHTER Art Award, now in its 6th edition, was again able to attract artists and filmmakers from all around the globe – from Sapporo to Leipzig – to compete for the 1000 Euro coveted award. The over 80 works submitted reveal an increasing tendency to intermingle the two disciplines of video art and film making. From documentary to self-reflective works; the variety and quality of the displayed video works show us where the international video art and film scene is headed. During the festival, a curated exhibition will present the works of the five finalists.

The Finalists

  • Zanny Begg (AU) // 1001 Nights in Fairfield, 2015
  • Fabiano Mixo (D/BR) // WOMAN WITHOUT MANDOLIN, 2015
  • Yalitsa Riden (CDN) // Shoreline, 2015
  • Sita Scherer and Tina Schönfelder (D) // Ansichten, 2015
  • James N. Kienitz Wilkins (USA) // B-ROLL with Andre, 2015

The finalists´ works will be exhibited during the 9th LICHTER Filmfest from March 30th to April 3rd at the Naxoshalle. The winner of the LICHTER Art Award 2016 will be announced at the opening event (March 30th 2016).

Already in previous years, the LICHTER Art Award enjoyed a positive resonance and assembled with its winners a group of important artists of the current art world: Jonathan Van Essche (B), Bertrand Flanet (F), John Skoog (S) Oliver Husain (D/CDN) and Luciana Lamothe (ARG).

Zanny Begg (AUS) // 1001 Nights in Fairfield

Zanny Begg’s film 1001 Nights in Fairfield (2015) explores a lesser-known aspect of Iraq’s history by combining tales from A Thousand and One Nights with real-life stories from members of the Choir of Love, a choir established in Fairfield (Melbourne, Australia) by Bashar Hanna to assist in the self-organization and cultural survival of recently arrived refugees from Iraq. The Iraqi Maqam, a century-old music genre, has a uniquely multicultural history that intertwines Iraq’s Jewish, Christian and Islamic communities, and has been actively used by Iraq’s exiled people to tell alternative histories of their country.

Zanny Begg is a Sydney-based artist who works with
film, drawing and installation. Her artistic praxis involves working with macro-political themes in micro-political worlds, such as with children in prison. She has a PhD in Art Theory with a focus on the emergence of socially engaged art practices between the 1999 protests against the World Trade Organisation Meeting in Seattle and the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning of the University of Sydney. 1001 Nights in Fairfield will have its German premiere at LICHTER Filmfest.

Fabiano Mixo (D/BR) // Woman Without Mandolin

Fabiano Mixo’s video installation Woman without a Mandolin (2015) is a portrait of the actor, director and author Miriam Goldschmidt. In this work, Mixo rethinks cubism as a film medium by using digital motion. Picasso’s Girl with Mandolin was a milestone of the Cubist art movement. The work uses technical and cultural appropriations to confront the European art context and its African art influences.

Fabiano Mixo is a Brazilian multimedia artist and film director from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil based in Berlin.

Yalitsa Riden (CA) // Shoreline

Shoreline (2015) is a film by Yalitsa Riden that portrays in a very poetic way the different stages of life as shorelines. An elderly woman needs to leave her own family home to live with a friend and her daughter. All three women must learn to live with each other until one of them finds the strength to make her way back to her final home.

Yalitsa Riden is a film director, artist and writer based in Halifax, Canada. Since 2012, she is pursuing her artistic studies at the NSCAD University where she is currently enrolled in the Film and Intermedia programmes.

Sita Scherer and Tina Schönfelder (DE) // Ansichten

Ansichten (2015) from Sita Scherer and Tina Schönfelder depicts the actual situation of a centre for asylum seekers somewhere in Germany. The filmic work gives an insight into the current situation using a photographic approach.

Sita Scherer studied visual communication and film at the Art Academy in Kassel. Since 2014 she is an MA student in Culture Studies with focus on Society and Culture at the Leipzig University. Tina Schönfelder is native of Kassel, Germany, and studied Social Work at Kassel University and currently works with underage asylum seekers. She has a BA in Fine Arts and is a photographer. She is based in Kassel.

James N. Kienitz Wilkins (US) // B-ROLL with Andre

James N. Kienitz Wilkins’ film B-ROLL with Andre (2015) is a short documentary whose main source is the testimony of Andre’s two fellow inmates. The former proves to be not only a brilliant crook but also a guru and philosopher. All recent film technologies are used: the latest HD cameras, GoPro, CCTV, Google Earth, Google Street View and Smartphones. Humor and clichés are used to scrutinize stereotypes, assumptions and new developments in contemporary society and the film world. Kienitz Wilkins (DOB 1983, USA) is a Brooklyn-based artist and filmmaker. He attended the Cooper Union School of Art. His work has been screened at many international film festivals. B-ROLL with Andre will have its German premiere at LICHTER Filmfest.

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General Information

Exhibition opening and award ceremony Wednesday, March 30th // Naxoshalle // 7 pm

The Art Talk with the shortlisted artists of the LICHTER Art Award 2016, James N. Wilkins, Sita Scherer and Tina Schönfelder as well as the curator Saul Judd, takes place Thursday, March 31st 2016 at 6 pm at the Naxoshalle. The artists will talk about their own works and about theirs experience in the dealing with the different ways to distribute, market and expose them. How is the situation regarding showing in festivals, art galleries, television and the internet?

Exhibition opening times:
Thursday 5 pm – 7:30 pm
Friday – Saturday 2 pm – 7:30 pm
Sunday 1 pm – 6 pm

Naxoshalle // Waldschmidtstrasse 19, 60318 Frankfurt am Main

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