All persons responsable at a glance!


Gregor Maria Schubert

Director // Artistic Direction

Johanna Süß

Associate Director // Artistic Direction


Philippe Crackau

International Feature Films // Conception supporting Programme //

Christina Görkes

Co-ordination and Programme Regional Feature Films //

Nikoleta Skrapara

Regional Feature Films //

Sören Jonsson

Regional Feature Films

Dominik Hilfenhaus

Co-ordination and Programme Regional feature films //

Simon Schmidt

Head Regional Short films //

Gesine Götting

Selection commitee Regional Short Film //

Michael Hack

Co-Ordination and programme international shortfilms //

Meghan Munro

Organization and Planning Roundtable

Supporting Program

Dr. Laila Nissen

Head of supporting programme //

Heike Andersen

supporting programme //

Sebastian Läßle

supporting Programme

Stefanie Plappert

supporting Programme // curator exhibition

Miriam Loy

Consulting supporting programme

Roman Weigand

Consulting supporting Programme // Press & Communications

Lichter Art Award

Saul Judd

Head and Curator of LICHTER Art Award // Head of International short films //

Fanti Baum

Assistance LICHTER Art Award

Virtual Reality

Philipp Mehler

head of Virtual reality //

Felix Höbel

Assistance Virtual Reality

Eckhard Köberich

Consulting // Head of VR // Supporting Programme

Anna-Lena Kogenschott

Project Management ZDF


Tobias Hüser

Head of Press & Communications//

Désirée Limburg

Internship Press & Communications

Tina Voigt

Press & Communications

Lisa Dressler

Consulting Press & Communications

Iris Divé

Target Group Marketing

Kritikerblog Workshop

Bert Rebhandl

Toby Ashraf

Editors Print / Web

Laura Sodano

Editor-in-Chief / Online & Social Media //

Leonie Rieth

Internship Online & Social Media

Maike Piechot

Editorial Manager Programme//

Susanne Radmann

Head of Translations // Booking

Teresa Görtz

Assistance Translations

Event Management

Simone Molitor

Head of Event and production Management //

Kirsten Mayer

Organization opening and closing Event //

Kathleen Witt


Rebekka Buss

Internship Hospitality

Roya Ahuraian

Internship Hospitality

Lilian Nguyen

Hospitality //

Morris Kappes

Internship Hospitality

Eva Simminger

Hospitality //

Johanna Krug

Head of Accreditation

Annette Pulch

Assistance Accreditation

Engineering / Cinema Engineering

Philipp Lohner

Head of Engineering

Fritz Mettal Film- und Tontechnik

Cinema Engineering

Festival Documentation

Philipp Kohler

Head of Festival Documentation

Vanessa Hoffmann

Assistance Photograph Documentation

Graphics & Design

Michaela Kessler


Website Programming

Jan Kristinus



Verena Stock


Noemi Garay


© Philipp Kohler

The Festival will be hosted by:

Toby Ashraf,
Anna Berger,
Michael Hack,
Gesine Götting,
Dominik Hilfenhaus,
Anja Henningsmeyer,
Jakob Zimmermann,
Steffi Plappert,
Louise Burkhart,
Stefan Müller

Many thanks to:

Marc Ulm, Karl Becker, Virginie Dorso and Eckart von Schwanenflug.

A big thank you to the many people, wo have supported LICHTER during the last nine years and always believed in the festival!